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Campaign is Simple

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With TextP2P you can send your first text message campaign in a few simple steps and in less than 2 minutes. Watch the demo video to see how easy it really is!

Text Feature Highlights

Email to SMS

Send SMS text messages by simply sending an email from your personal email box. Any reply texts can be forwarded to your email inbox.

WordPress Texting Plugin

Allow your website visitors to text you using the TextP2P Texting Widget. Capture and convert leads while they’re on your website with an easy-to-use button.

Text Message Surveys

Use MMS Text Surveys to quickly and easily get feedback from your customers. Survey question and answers can contain pictures and up to 1600 characters!

Shared Inbox

Reply to all messages in a shared inbox where you can give your team or assistant access to respond as well.

Unlimited Contacts & Lists

Organize your sales funnel, connect with your team, and ensure no customers fall through the cracks.

Automated Drip Campaigns

Save time by setting up automated text campaigns that are sent at predefined intervals.

Personalization & Custom Fields

Send one personalized message to an entire contact list, and insert your own custom fields to match your campaign or business needs.

Call and Text Forwarding

Never give your personal phone number out again. Your dedicated number forwards to your mobile device.

Supports MMS

Add life to your messages by sending pictures, videos, audio messages, and up to 1600 characters of text.

10 Digit Local Numbers

All messages are sent from your own private virtual 10 digit number with a local area code. This ensures a 97% delivery and open rate to your customers.

Sign-up Keywords

Use keywords to collect new leads to join your list. The system can automatically send follow up texts to request their name and email.

Free Incoming & Filtering

All incoming texts are free and all outgoing texts to non-mobile numbers are automatically filtered out for free.

Personalize Messages & Save Time

Send one message to an entire list and merge in personal and custom fields.

  • Sent using a local 10 digit number
  • Build individual relationships while saving time.
use text p2p to cultivate relationships and save time.

Streamline Follow-ups

We all know that the fortune is in the follow up!

Make follow-ups easy by scheduling or bulk scheduling reminders, connections and notifications.

Connect individually with your customers through a shared Inbox.

Get Organized

No more customers falling through the cracks.

Use unlimited contacts, client notes and lists to organize your sales funnel (i.e. Potential, Current, Loyal).

Bulk upload contacts directly to specific lists.

Conduct Text Message Surveys Fast & Easy

A text message survey makes it easy to gather valuable feedback from your customers, improve your product or service, and ultimately grow your business.

TextP2P uses MMS text messages so each question & answer choices can contain a picture and up to 1600 characters!

It supports single choice, multiple choice, and qualitative answers.

Cultivate Relationships Using Our Shared Inbox

by sending one personalized message to your customers and then by responding individually to any questions or feedback.

Automate Communication using Drip Campaigns

Save time and get organized
by automating your customer communication and new lead follow-ups using both Text & Ringless Voicemail messages.

We are proud to integrate with the following brands to help you simplify your systems!

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