Group Texting Made Personal

With Ringless Voicemail & Built-In CRM

When you need to build one-to-one relationships, but your time is short, your follow-ups are scattered, and you feel out of control, Text P2P has you covered.

Your Personal Messaging Platform

Text P2P is a place where you can work either by yourself or with an assistant or team to cultivate relationships with customers, streamline follow-ups so no one falls through the cracks, and organize your sales funnel to make more money.

Feature Highlights

Shared Inbox

Reply to all messages in a shared inbox where you can give your team or assistant access to respond as well.

Unlimited Contacts & Lists

Organize your sales funnel, connect with your team, and ensure no customers fall through the cracks.

Bulk Scheduler

Never lose track of monthly renewals an reminders. Upload a spreadsheet to bulk schedule your campaigns.

Personalization & Custom Fields

Send one personalized message to an entire contact list, and insert your own custom fields to match your campaign or business needs.

Call and Text Forwarding

Never give your personal phone number out again. Your P2P number forwards to your mobile device.

Supports MMS

Add life to your messages by sending pictures, videos, audio messages and up to 1600 characters of text.

Cultivate Relationships & Save Time

Send one message to an entire list and respond to each text individually in a shared inbox.

  • Engage customers in a two way personal conversation.
  • Build individual relationships while remaining authentic.
use text p2p to cultivate relationships and save time.

Streamline Follow-ups

We all know that the fortune is in the follow up!

Make follow-ups easy by scheduling or bulk scheduling reminders, connections and notifications.

Connect individually with your customers through a shared Inbox.

Get Organized

No more customers falling through the cracks.

Use unlimited contacts, client notes and lists to organize your sales funnel (i.e. Potential, Current, Loyal).

Bulk upload contacts directly to specific lists.



Text P2P has made such a difference! I was feeling scattered and lost until this came into my life. Now, I feel more in control. Text P2P has made my follow-ups easy by scheduling bulk and individual reminders, making connections and sending notifications. I’ve been able to organize my sales funnel which has helped with making sure that every potential client, business partner or booth renter is communicated with on a regular basis. Text P2P has helped me grow my business, build trust, and solidify client relationships. I love it!​

Kerri Spencer
Profession Network Marketer ・ Salon Owner

We’re so excited! We just finished our annual leadership event, It’s All About You 2018 and it was a complete success! We would not have reached as many people with our message had it not been for Text P2P. Because of Text P2P, because of their personal coaching and because of their message and marketing and their ability to help us share this message, in only 90 days, they helped us have so many people here. I would recommend them to anyone without a doubt. Hands down.

Dr. Sherri Yoder & Crystel Smith
Authors ・Speakers ・Entrepreneurs

Text P2P has transformed my business. Since adding this service to my communication strategy, Text P2P has helped me stay in better contact with my customers and increase my overall response rate by 90% over email or chat. Since implementing this system to automate important processes, I have had more time to devote to other income bringing activities in order to expand my business and empower my leaders. Text P2P has saved me time, helped build and renew relationships and increased my overall ROI. To say the least, I’m a big fan!

Greg Armfield
Health & Fitness coach・leader・Entrepreneur

Text P2P has been such a life-saver! Between family, work and business, it’s easy to get lost in different systems, but with Text P2P, I have been able to keep my team organized and up-to-date on the most important information. I’ve been able to use Text P2P to connect with my customers and build relationships and simultaneously save time by sending one personalized message to everyone on an entire list. Cultivating relationships is vital to building a solid and sustainable business, so I’m excited to continue to grow my business using the Text P2P web app. It’s seriously the best!

Michelle Hillaert

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