Email to SMS is a simple new text messaging feature that allows you to compose and send SMS text messages right from your existing email account.

Send SMS from Any Email

Simply grant access to any email by adding it to the allowed emails list.

Send to Multiple Receipents

You can send messages to multiple recipients straight from your email.

Receive SMS Replies as Emails

You have the option of receiving all sms replies directly to your personal email box.

Email to SMS


Easily Integrate TextP2P’s Email to SMS into Your Application

No Development Skills Needed to Integrate
As long as your application can send an email, it can also send text messages in 3 easy steps with TextP2P.

Step 1 – add your email address to allowed email list.

Step 2 – configure and customize your settings.

Step 3 – compose a message from your existing email client. 

Improve Your Business Processes

Alerts & Notifications

Convert email only alerts and notifications into SMS messages which get immediate attention

Group & Team Alerts

Quickly text a group of people or your team by sending an email

Appointment Reminders

Quickly text people to remind them of an appointment by sending an email

Main Benefits of Using Email to SMS

Send time-sensitive messages

Notify subscribers or employees of emergencies in real time by using email to text message services directly from your email inbox.

Reach out with distribution lists

You can automatically forward messages to your distribution lists using email to SMS.

Save precious time

Writing messages with a keyboard is easier and faster. Email to SMS solutions can also be used for mass texting.

Spell correctly & avoid text-speak

Messages sent from the computer include far fewer typos and are easier to understand.

TextP2P Email to SMS Tutorial

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