SMS Text Marketing Strategy For Gyms

Text Marketing for Gyms

For most people joining a gym or starting a new diet or fitness program is easy, sticking with it is the hard part! That’s why most gym owners need to do a better job of staying in touch with their members and keeping them engaged. A gym can use SMS marketing software to promote seasonal offers, encourage one on one training, run challenges, and remind members of upcoming classes. Think about what other benefits and value you can pass along to your customers like sending them motivational messages, health tips, and fitness reminders. 

Why text message marketing?

Text message marketing also referred to as SMS Marketing is currently the most effective way for small businesses to reach their customers.  Did you know that text messages have nearly a 100% open rate? People will ignore phone calls, emails, social media messages, but not a text message. Therefore the use of targeted and personalized text messages to advertise or promote a product, service, or event is quickly becoming the most effective way to get your message heard.

According to the New York Times, American’s check their cell phones 80 times per day. That’s about once every 12 minutes! Most people have their cell phone within arms reach even when they are sleeping. By texting your customers you can be assured that not only will they get it, read it, but it’s also the #1 way to increase engagement because 45% of text messages are responded to within 90 seconds.

What is text message marketing?

Text message marketing – or SMS marketing – is the act of sending coupons, special deals, announcements, current events and other information to your customers via text message. Not only can use SMS text messaging which is for messages less than 160 characters, but you can also use MMS – Multimedia Messaging Service which allows you to use pictures & videos and much longer text messages.

It’s often referred to as Mass Texting or Group Texting which allows you to reach all your customers at once by composing one text message or text campaign.  This will not be group texting like you can do on your personal cell phone. It will be sent to each person in the group individually, and each message can be personalized with their name and other personalized custom data fields.

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5 Ways Gyms Can Use Text Messaging: 

Make New Members Feel Welcome: A simple greeting is a great first step to developing new relationships. For example, “Hi ‘name’! Welcome to our gym. We are excited to help you reach and maintain your fitness goals! Reply with your availability so we can schedule your initial fitness assessment.”

Include Special Offers: Everyone loves a deal! Special offers like free trial memberships or bring a friend day or referral program incentives are excellent ways to promote customer loyalty  through your SMS for business program.

Promote New Classes: Business text messaging makes announcements effortless! Starting a new class? Text a simple message to all or part of your client list with all the details or a link to your website. Tap, tap, done.

Send Motivational Message: If you are running a gym and fitness club, you know that motivation is critical. With SMS texting for businesses, you can make motivational quotes or messages part of the service you provide to your customers.

Ask Members to Text a Keyword: Ask members to text the keyword SPIN to opt into receiving text notifications about our spin classes. Stay up to date on class times, cancelations, and more.

Gym Assessment Text

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How to Get Started Immediately with Text Marketing

The next step is to decide which platform to use to run your text message marketing campaign. We highly recommend our system, TextP2P – Group Texting Made Personal.

TextP2P is an easy to use web application designed to used on a computer or mobile device. TextP2P provides a SMS & MMS text marketing system designed to help small-midsize businesses cultivate better relationships with customers and streamline follow-ups. Send your customers text messages from a virtual 10 digit local number with a maximum of 1600 characters! It offers features like: Sending bulk personalized texts, surveys, drip campaigns, Ringless Voicemails, keyword signups, scheduling, and more.

At TextP2P we offer a FREE 14 day trial where you will receive 100 text credits to use.

How Does the Free Trial Work?

✅  Sign-up for a FREE TextP2P account. Take a tour of the system and watch a demo.

✅  Sign up for a FREE trial by entering your credit card to start and immediately receive a local area code phone number matching your cell phone and receive 100 FREE text credits.  You credit card will not be charged until your trial is over unless you go over your 100 free texts. After the trial ends your membership begins for just $20/month with our Starter Package Plan.

✅  You’re in control! Upgrade, Downgrade, Buy Additional Credits, or Cancel at Anytime.

Creating Your First Text Marketing Campaign is Easy

Once you have activated your account by starting your free trial or subscription, you easily send your first text message marketing campaign in just 3 simple steps and in less than 2 minutes.  Watch the video below to see an example of how easy it really is.

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