Text Message Appointment Reminders

TextP2P makes appointment reminders quick and easy! Did you know that 75% of people say they appreciate text appointment reminders?

You can set up text appointment reminders from days to even years in advance from when you need them to be sent. TextP2P allows you completely automate text reminders so you can set them and forget them. Using automated SMS reminders is the best way to keep your business running without creating any extra work for you are your employees. 

Appointment Reminder Features

Automated Reminders

Save time and money by scheduling your text messages days, weeks, or months in advance. You can create sequences for multiple reminders.

Send to Multiple Receipents

Send text messages to multiple recipients at the same time.

Customizable templates

Create unlimited customized templates with dynamic fields that can be inserted into the messages, like their name and appointment date and time.

Ringless Voicemail & Email

You can also schedule reminders using our ringless voicemail drops and emails.

Bulk Uploading

Upload and schedule all your text messages at once from a CSV file.


Through Zapier we integrate with all of your favorite web based calendars.

Two way Conversations

Any text replies go into your application inbox where you can have two way conversations.

Automated Replies

Setup keywords like CANCEL, RESCHEDULE, CONFIRM, etc. which give back automated reply messages and links to your calendar.


Text replies can be forwarded to multiple cell phones or emails, and phone calls can be forwarded to any number.

Automate Your Reminders

Save time and help eliminate last minute cancelations by easily scheduling text message appointment reminders. Setup text keywords to allow your clients to quickly confirm or reschedule appointments in advance, while having it be completely automated.

With text message appointment reminders you get nearly a 100% open rate within 3 minutes!

4 Ways Of Scheduling


You can manually schedule text message appointment reminders using your predefined message templates.

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List Campaign

You can schedule a message to go out to entire list of contacts at a specific date and time using a template.

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Bulk Scheduler

Using a CSV you can upload and automatically schedule text messages to be sent at different dates and times.

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Calendar Integrations

Using Zapier you can connect calendars like Google Calendar, Acuity Scheduling, and many more to your TextP2P account.

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Visual Calendar Scheduling

Using our built-in visual calendar, you can schedule reminders for appointments, meetings, and more! It’s easy as 1, 2, 3!
For every event you add, a series of reminders will be sent out to you and any invitees (customers, clients, etc.).
● System reminders are sent to you through the TextP2P website and app. 
● SMS reminders are sent to invitees using your custom text templates.
● Email reminders are sent to invitees using your custom email templates.
Whether you’re meeting with new leads and clients or setting up appointments with existing customers, the calendar is perfect for you!

Why businesses are using text reminders for appointments?

Text reminders are revolutionizing how businesses connect with their customers. But, maybe you know that one of the biggest nuisances you can get in your business is missed appointments. Yes, every missed appointment translates into lost revenue. 

But your business doesn’t have to go through this unfortunate experience. On the contrary, modern communication technology has brought unprecedented opportunities which businesses like yours are taking advantage of; Let’s see what the mobile phone can help you achieve in this respect.

Shrewd businesses realize the potential created by mobile phones. Today, almost everyone has and depends a lot on their mobile phones. Remember, in the USA alone; it is estimated that within the first fifteen minutes of waking up, 79% of Americans check their phones. But, that’s not all; these people check their phones about 150 times per day on average.

That tells you how much your business has not taken advantage of this wide access to these devices.

What Is a Text Appointment Reminder?

If you are new to this concept, know it’s not rocket science. But, of course, you most likely use ordinary text messages to communicate with your loved ones and for business purposes. The idea is the same but differs in terms of purpose and scope. 

A business appointment reminder text is an SMS text that you send to your customers on behalf of your organization. The purpose of this text is strictly formal; it is meant to remind the customer or any other person of interest about a pending appointment. 

If you have ever missed a crucial appointment because you forgot all about it, you know how vital a reminder via a text to your mobile phone is.  

These reminders can be used in a wide variety of business situations like the following: 


The primary goal of text reminders for appointments is to remind the target individual about an upcoming appointment with your business or organization. 

Most text reminders are brief and to the point; they contain the day and time of the appointment or a relevant link to more information about the upcoming appointment.   

Text messaging alert system allows businesses to send messages quickly to a defined list of recipients. The use of such a system has been widely adopted by companies, who find this method easy, convenient, fast, and affordable. In addition, many text messaging systems have excellent security and alert features which their users can regularly update.

Some of the benefits you’ll get by using text message reminders include:

6 Key Benefits of Text Appointments Reminders for Your Business

Cost-Effective Marketing

The use of text messaging reminders can be cost-effective for your business. For example, if yours is a small firm, you don't have to launch a costly promotional campaign to advertise your products and services. Sending out text messages to your current and prospective customers is cheaper. Compared to traditional means of reaching out to consumers like advertising in newspapers, mailing, and distributing flyers or on radio, a text messaging system is cost-efficient.

Saves Time

Companies that have a text messaging system can save time with the use of this technology. Bulk uploading will help you achieve this fit by allowing you to upload and schedule all the necessary text messages immediately from a CSV file. By sending text messages, your business can remind customers about the intended appointment quickly and efficiently. There's no need for your firm to send out promotional flyers that take days or even weeks to find their way into the mailbox of the said customers. Nor do you have to instruct your staff to spend hours on the phone calling up your customers or reminding them about an upcoming promotion.

Communicates With Target Audience

There's no way for the target recipient to ignore the message sent through a text-messaging alert system. A customer can't delete the said text message in his inbox without first reading it. On the part of employers, a text message is a more realistic way of alerting employees about a change in an upcoming promo, business process, or an impending weather disturbance.

Message Groups

Your text messaging system does not limit your firm to sending messages to a specific group of recipients. Instead, you can create an unlimited number of groups. For instance, you can create separate groups for customers, company executives, employees, and so on.

Appointment Rescheduling

Unfortunately appointments occasionally need to be rescheduled but according to SpotOn, less than 5% of scheduled appointments get canceled after a customer receives a text message reminder. With TextP2P the client can simply text a keyword to get an automated message to help them reschedule the appointment. You can provide them a link to your calendar or a number to call to easily reschedule their appointment with you.

Customers Prefer Text Messages

Customers like the convenience and ease of use of text messaging as 75% of people who say they prefer a text message over other forms of communication. Did you know that 95% of text message appointment reminders are read within 3 minutes? Unlike email, this will quickly remind your customers of their appointment and you can be sure they have read it. What's even better is that 28% customers are also more likely to recommend a business that offers text messages.

Time Is Money

Your time is very valuable whether you run a service based business, an educational institution, a law firm, a clinic, or some other type of small business. So you need to schedule your time to be as productive as possible while avoiding your clients missing or needing to reschedule your appointments.

You can help avoid these costly problems by sending simple text message appointment reminders to your clients and they will thank you for it. To start you will need a high-quality SMS appointment reminder company like TextP2P to help you easily schedule your automated text reminders. Start your free 14-day trial today.

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