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use sms and mms text messaging for politics

Meet your new super powers

Unleash your new political campaign super powers and get the edge on your competition with a 98% open rate


Connect PERSONALLY with your voters.

Text Message
Surveys & Polls

Discover what voters want with a 98% open rate!


Send pictures and up to 1600 characters using a local number


Find new supporters and volunteers by asking them to text a keyword to opt-in

Marketing Funnels

Gather information, automatically connect!


10x your fundraising! Reach more voters.


Automate your campaign messages!

Zapier Integration

We integrate with over 1500 applications (CRM, email, etc)

Grab Attention with Multi-Media Messages

Text full multi-media messages up to 1600 characters to your complete voter list from a local 10 digit number.

Send Pictures or Videos! 

Use MMS & SMS to reach voters


We are a FULL SERVICE company when it comes to political campaigns! Focus on what you do BEST and let us do the communicating for you!

100% Customer Service Guarantee!

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Use sms & mms to connect with voters and volunteers, respond in your personal inbox.
Use sms & mms to connect with voters and volunteers, respond in your personal inbox.

Surveys & Polls to learn what voters want

A text message survey is the fastest and easiest way to gather valuable feedback from your districts, to understand the issues voters really care about and improve your chances of winning.

TextP2P uses MMS text messages so each question & answer choices can contain a picture and up to 1600 characters!


We are proud to integrate with the following brands to help you simplify your systems!

Organize Your Volunteer Army

Need to mobilize your volunteers? No problem! They’ll be on the move with just the click of a button! 

Use Text P2P to deploy volunteers into the community. Door knocking, organizing events… you name it!

SMS/10 cents
MMS/15 cents
FREE incoming replies
1600 character limit
1 megabyte media attachments for MMS!

We will help you identify and acquire cell phones for your target audience!

* Setup and retainer fees apply based on volume