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SMS Text Marketing for businesses

Mass Texting or Group Texting allows you to send one message to all your customers at one time. This is an awesome marketing tool but you want to make sure you do it in personalized way. TextP2P allows you insert personalized fields like the person’s first name or other custom fields to make each person feel like you are sending a text message only to them.

Text Marketing is quickly becoming the preferred means of marketing by small businesses due to the fact that all other forms are becoming ineffective.

  • Email Marketing receives a 14.79% average open rate and only a 6% response. (source: ConstantContact)
  • Telephone marketing is becoming less and less effective as only 46% of American households now have a landline, and due increased rate in illegal spam calls most people will not answer their phone if from an unknown number. (source: New York Post)
  • Print and digital advertising can be very expensive and is becoming less effective as users train themselves to ignore it.

Text communications is preferred by most people now especially millennialists and is quickly being adopted by businesses to communicate with their customers because of the following reasons:

  • SMS open rate is 98% (source: Gartner)
  • 95% of all text messages are read within 3 minutes (source: Forbes)
  • 45% of text messages are responded to within 90 seconds (source: CTIA)
  • 75% of people say they prefer a text message (source: Digital Marketing Mag)
  • 65% of marketers say that SMS marketing is “very effective” for them (source:

How Do We Do Mass Text Marketing?

With TextP2P your text messages are sent from a local area code 7 digit number, and not a 5 digit short code which people immediately know it’s a mass text.  Also more and more carriers now block 5 digit short codes. 

TextP2P also supports MMS messages, so you can send pictures, videos, audio files, etc. along with up to 1600 characters in a single text message!  This is the best way to get your message to your customers so you are not limited to only 160 characters as you are with SMS messages.

Mass Texting Results

Mass texting gets a 98% open rate and when you compare that to the traditional mass emailing which only gets about a 10-20% open rate, you can see this is by far the best way to reach your customers.

Your text can includes links which can be tracked, or you can ask your customers to respond via text if they are interested. Once they reply to a text message, you can setup automated response messages based on keywords, or you can log into your shared inbox and carry on a 2-way conversation with your customer.

Since most people respond to text messages within 30 seconds, you will be amazed at your response rate and conversions. Many of TextP2P users claim they are seeing a 10X improvement in sales just from using text marketing.


Want to try Mass Texting and see for yourself how well it works?

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