Tips for Hiring Seasonal Employees with SMS Messaging

To most, a lower unemployment rate is considered a good thing, but for employers hiring seasonal employees can be a headache. Here are some tips on how to look for new seasonal hires using text marketing.

What Are Employees Looking For?

With the Covid-19 pandemic came a change in the kind of work job-seekers will accept. Many businesses have had to raise their wages to attract new employees, as well as providing other incentives. Job-seekers are being much more selective than in the past. Flexibility has become a priority in many job searches. Workers often want flexibility in both hours and location. Working remotely has shown a significant amount of job-seekers that they prefer to work on their own time in the location of their choosing, so retail and restaurant employers may have to sweeten the deal to get as many applicants as they would in the past.

Seasonal employers can attract more applicants in a number of ways:

  • Increasing flexibility
  • Paying higher wages
  • Creating a pleasant work environment
  • Offering employee discounts
  • Providing certain benefits that outshine the competition

Using SMS Messaging To Reach Job-Seekers

Now that you have structured or restructured your business to be more attractive to job-seekers, you need to get the word out. There are many ways for you to start searching for applicants, but one method that should not go ignored is through SMS messaging. Here are some ways to use this method to your benefit.

Check Your Customer List

Some valuable employees may actually be found in your customer base. Your customers already have knowledge of your product or service, and they have some level of interest in it. If they are not interested in your job offer, they may still know someone who is and make a referral. 

Include SMS Methods To Apply In Job Listings

Including a QR Code or text-to-apply language wherever you are looking for workers can make the hiring process much easier. Using this method in your bulletins can really help draw in job-seekers, as getting someone to your application page could not be simpler.

Reach Out To Current Employees

You can send out texts to your current employees offering special bonuses for bringing in potential new hires. The employees you already have can give the best pitch to those within their network, and all they have to do is forward your text to a new applicant.

Set Up Keywords For Text Support

You can set up keywords to be texted to your company that come with automated responses. You can use these to answer certain questions you may aniticipate that applicants may have or even help set up interviews.

Keep In Touch With Your Network

Those who have worked for you in the past may be willing to do so again next time seasonal workers are needed. Ensure that their work experience is positive enough that they may want to return. Invite them to events and give them access to bonuses your full-time employees can receive. Most importantly, keep in touch. Do not lose their number. When that busy time of year comes around next time, they may be glad you reached out.

Using TextP2P In Your Marketing

You can set up a form on your website for people to apply and feed that directly into TextP2P. From there, you can kick off an automated drip campaign of messages. Your business could also install our click to text me wordpress plugin or embedded code into their websites.

To start using all the benefits of text messaging to market your business, click here for a 14-day free trial of TextP2P.

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