Coming Soon: TextP2P’s Text Messaging App

TextP2P is working on creating its new texting app. Our customers have been asking for it, and now it is on the way! TextP2P's Texting App While TextP2P receives very positive reviews, one common request from its customers is a desire for a mobile app for the service. Now we...

How Bolster a Campaign with Political Text Messaging

The primary campaigns are coming up, and every candidate is looking for an edge. Political text messaging could be valuable for one such campaign. What Value Does Political Text Messaging Add to a Campaign? Voters want to hear from a politician they support directly. However, many people consider related calls,...

The Best Zipwhip Alternative

The business messaging service Zipwhip is shutting down this year. If you are a Zipwhip customer needing an alternative, TextP2P may be for you. Zipwhip's Shutdown For those uninformed about why Zipwhip is ending its service, here is some information: In July of last year, information had been released reguarding...

Tips for Hiring Seasonal Employees with SMS Messaging

To most, a lower unemployment rate is considered a good thing, but for employers hiring seasonal employees can be a headache. Here are some tips on how to look for new seasonal hires using text marketing. What Are Employees Looking For? With the Covid-19 pandemic came a change in the...

Is Instant Messaging The Same As Texting?

Is Instant Messaging The Same As Texting? If you are confused about the difference between instant messaging and texting, you are not alone. Many people like you who are used to mobile phone texting think it is the same as texting. But, well, as we shall see shortly, the two...

Text Messaging Laws

Text Messaging Laws that every Marketing Manager Needs to be Aware of It's a good thing text messaging laws are in place because it would be much easier for scammers and soliciting companies to take advantage of unsuspecting victims without them. Texting is one of the most common ways people...

How to Report Spam Text Messages

How to Report Spam Text Messages Spam texts are becoming more and more of a problem, with many people receiving messages that they don't want to receive. Fortunately, there are ways to report spam text messages so that you can stop them from coming into your phone. This blog post...

Textp2p Introduces A2P 10DLC For SMS Marketing

Provider of innovative text message marketing solutions, TextP2P announces the introduction of A2P 10DLC, the latest text message marketing technology designed for enhanced customer engagement.Textp2p has reiterated its commitment to helping businesses, especially SMEs, leverage SMS marketing to reach their target audience effectively with the introduction of 10DLC. The 10 digits...

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