Here’s How Text Marketing Can Improve Your Business in 2022

Do you want more direct contact with your customers? If so, text marketing is a great tool to add to the competencies of your business in 2022.

Why Bother with Text Marketing for Your Business?

Reaching out to your customer base is a great way to give them reminders and updates on the latest information about your business. According to Forbes, 64% of consumers want more text interaction when it comes to the products and services they use regularly. 77% of customers prefer text as a way to receive coupons or learn about new deals. Around 50% of customers want to receive text alerts and news that keep them up-to-date on your business. And 31% of customers feel text is an easier way to receive information than visiting your website or app.

One of the first things people check in the mornings is their phone, and they continue checking it throughout the day. It is because of this fact that the power of text marketing can begin to show itself. Everyone these days has their phone handy at all times. They are almost guaranteed to see your text. So why not add text marketing as a new way to interact with your customers this year?

Now that you know why you should text in your marketing strategy, let’s take a look at how you should use it.

How to Have Your Customers Opt-in to Receive Texts

The natural starting point is receiving your customer’s phone number. This could be something you ask for at the point of a purchase. Once they have signed up, the benefits may start to show themselves quickly. Text messages have a 98% open rate, while emails are only opened 20% of the time. That level effective outreach to your customer base is huge!

If you manage to make a positive experience with your text communications, 74% of customers say that it can improve their view of the company.

Sales, Promotions, and Coupons

Texting your customers is a great way to help keep them up to date with what is new with your business. That certainly includes sales, limited-time promotions, and coupons that customers can redeem through text. Most people open a text within three minutes of receiving it. We tend to place a lot of urgency onto a text. When receiving information about a great deal, they may treat it with that same urgency. This increases their likelihood of looking into it more to see if this is a promotion they want to invest in.

You should also include a link to your website with these texts where they can find information on more sales. More and more consumers are reporting that they use these methods in their day-to-day lives. You should be too.

Providing Other Information on Your Business with Text Marketing

Keeping your customers informed has been touched on quite a bit here, but what about information pertaining to your business itself? Some businesses have presentations available that they can send out to customers who want to know more details. You can set up a keyword to text and have the presentation automatically sent to the customer via text. Giving more insight to a customer about what makes your business special in the way it operates can greatly improve their perspective on the company.

Your business can also use text marketing as a way to notify customers of new products or services you offer. This is a useful tool to improve your customer’s knowledge of your company as you improve the company itself.

Remind Customers about Upcoming Appointments

Any business that provides a service could really benefit from this text feature. People can often be forgetful. Even customers who do not care much for business texts will see the inherent value of text reminders. For customers, knowing that someone else is keeping track of their appointments and will give them reminders can be a big stress relief. For businesses, when your customers remember when their appointments are, they are less likely to cancel them. This is why having an automated text system that saves the date for your customers is invaluable.

Using Text for Customer Service

Everyone has a story of waiting on a customer service line for an extended period of time. When a customer has a concern about billing, a product, or a service, this is sometimes a necessary step in resolving the issue. However, if a customer can simply text your customer service team, this process becomes much less strenuous. The customer has much more freedom to go about his or her business while awaiting a text response. Most people in the modern day would prefer to text in general. Having this as an option for dealing with a customer’s grievances can be a useful method of preserving that good will.

Implementing Text Marketing into Your Business Strategy

Text marketing, while useful, should not be the only aspect of your marketing strategy. It should, instead, be used to compliment all of its other aspects. In many cases, it is easy to evaluate your current marketing tactics and figure out how text can be used to improve it. If you have advertisements, including a phone number with them can be a good way to give a potential customer more information. You can also use text to inform customers of company events, schedule appointments or provide information on seminars.

If you would like to start using text to grow your business, TextP2P is here to help. Click here to start your 14-day free trial.

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