How to Improve Customer Retention Using Ecommerce Marketing

Gaining new customers is one thing but keeping them is another. Here are some tips to ensure your customer retention rate keeps growing.

What is Ecommerce Marketing?

Ecommerce marketing is any kind of online marketing used to attract customers to your business. This could mean utilizing your website, email, text or any of the other options that we will get into. It is both cheaper and more profitable to keep customers coming back. Here are some ways ecommerce marketing can help do that.

Promotional Email Campaigns and Feedback

There are a many ways a well-thought-out email campaign can be used to help bring back customers. One such method is through use of promotional emails. You can send customers exclusive deals and discounts or inform them about an upcoming sales event. Keeping your base informed on the latest bargain is a sure way to see increased customer retention.

You can also use email to ask for customer feedback on a product or service. This can make a customer feel as if his or her input is important to the company. This is also your business’s chance to once again bring it to a customer’s attention. It does not help your business for a customer to purchase your product and move on without giving it a second thought. Asking for feedback encourages the customer to make use of your product and associate it with your brand, whether they return that feedback or not.

Customer Retention through Loyalty Programs

The value of a loyalty program will begin to show itself rather quickly. With a loyalty program, customers feel compelled to keep returning to your business for each bit of additional benefits that come with a purchase. The very concept of a loyalty program is custom built for customer retention. It would certainly do your business good to add one to its arsenal.

Customer Retention Growth with Social Media Marketing

Social media is very important when creating your brand. When you make a more personal association with your followers, it is more likely to yield repeat customers. Using social media you can craft an image around your brand. This is where you put your best foot forward. Here you can reach a wide audience, show them the value of your business, and regularly remind the customers that follow you about your company’s quality.

If people really take a liking to your page, you can also potentially create a niche community around your brand. Building or maintaining a community around your business can inspire customers to start talking amongst each other and even those outside the group about your business. More buzz means more business. This could not only bring in new customers, but it keeps your current customers engaged with your company.

Referral Bonuses

Here is an area that all the word-of-mouth you have been creating can be really useful. Providing bonuses or discounts for customers who spread the word about your business can be a great motivator. Like with the loyalty programs, this added incentive is sure to encourage some customers to keep your company in mind more often. If your base is full of individuals telling their friends about your product or service, it not only brings in more new customers, it inspires brand loyalty in your regular customers.

Customer Experience

There are many ways to digitally improve your customer experience. Streamlining your website to make it easily traversable makes you seem more professional and reliable. Get creative in how you foster the idea in your customers that you are offering the best deal available. In all communications with a customer, but respectful and professional. Taking these extra steps to make the customer experience easier can all be that deciding factor for whether they do business with you again.

Customer Service

Customer experience and customer service go hand-in-hand. Making the process of working out an issue with your customer service overly difficult can ruin all the good will you have worked to create with your customer. The relationship between you and your customer can still be salvaged if there is a problem. Being courteous with your concerned customer can go a long way. If they feel their concerns are being heard, and that you are taking the extra step to rectify the situation, they may actually leave this interaction with a better view of your company. Showing you care can show them this was an honest mistake or miscommunication. It does not represent you as a company.

Text Marketing Strategy’s Effect on Customer Retention

Far too few businesses are using this strategy. People are much more likely to open a text than an email. Through text, you can accomplish everything you can with email, but have the guarantee that more people will actually view it. You can find more information here about how text marketing can help your business grow.

Here are some examples of how text marketing can be a game changer in terms of customer retention for your company:

  • Through text you can provide your customer with coupons and discounts or promotes sales and limited time offers.
  • Get direct feedback from your customers.
  • Customers who have opted in to receive texts can be kept up to date with all the latest information involving your company.
  • Many customers would prefer if you were to set up a customer service line that allows customers to simply text about their issues.
  • Text can be used to set up new appointments or remind customers of previously planned ones. More advanced notice of upcoming plans means fewer customers are going to cancel.

With TextP2P, starting your text marketing campaign can be easy. You can use it to send automated texts to all your customers and start seeing its effects on customer retention today. Click here to start your 14-Day free trial.

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