The Best Zipwhip Alternative

The business messaging service Zipwhip is shutting down this year. If you are a Zipwhip customer needing an alternative, TextP2P may be for you.

Zipwhip’s Shutdown

For those uninformed about why Zipwhip is ending its service, here is some information:

  • In July of last year, information had been released reguarding Twilio’s acquisition of Zipwhip. This lead some to wonder what that means for their business.
  • Zipwhip sent out an email to its customers detailing that both companies had agreed to close Zipwhip’s service for good.
  • On April 30, 2022 you will no longer be able to make changes on your account. This means you will not be able to upgrade or downgrade your account.
  • December 1, 2022 is the official shutdown date. You will lose all access to its service and will no longer be able to find it in app stores. You will want to find your alternative to Zipwhip by this date.
  • Special requests can be made for Zipwhip to send you your message history, but unfortunately, there is now way to transfer your contacts or lists from one service to another.
  • For more information on this shutdown and steps to take to transition out away from Zipwhip, this FAQ has been posted on Zipwhip’s website.

Why Is TextP2P the Best Alternative to Zipwhip?

TextP2P offers all the same services Zipwhip does and much more. You can set up click-to-text on your website with TextP2P just as you can with Zipwhip. This makes customer outreach through text much simpler, as it allows customers to actually reach out to you.

TextP2P is also capable of connecting to your existing landline. This allows you to send and receive texts over your business’s landline. You could aslo link a cell phone number or even create a new number or short code to use specifically for your text marketing campaigns. TextP2P also integrates seamlessly to Mailchimp and over 3,000 other applications through

What Else Can TextP2P Do?

As stated previously, TextP2P can do everything Zipwhip can and more.

Bulk Messaging

TextP2P’s primary feature is sending out bulk texts to everyone in your list of contacts. You can also narrow down your lists to separate your audience into different demographics. Text messages have a 98% open rate, compared to email’s mere 21%. Studies also show that most people open a text within three minutes of receiving one. So, you can rest assured that your message will actually be seen by your customers.

You can use this feature in countless ways. The latest news and information about your company can be sent out to your best customers instantaneously. You can send out limited-time deals through text to drum up some extra business. You could also set up loyalty programs for your company with special bonuses that give a little more incentive for your customers to keep coming back. The potential uses for bulk messaging are just about limitless.

Appointment Reminders

Many businesses use TextP2P to send out appoinment reminders to their clientele. Your customers’ lives are busy enough without having to remember when they have an appointment coming up on their own. Sending out appointment reminders through text can take away a bit of stress from both you and the customer.

When a customer receives a notification about an appointment a few days prior, it reminds them to plan accordingly. From there, the customer can rearrange their day to fit the appointment into their schedule. This means there will be less stress for your client, as well as fewer cancelled or missed appointments for your business.

Text for Feedback

With the power of bulk messaging, you can gather direct feedback from your customers. Plenty of businesses will use text to ask customers to review the product or service they received. TextP2P can be a great way to send out a survey to your customers. A survey will allow you to better understand what they like about your company, as well as what can use some reworking.

Some companies set up a customer service line specifically through text. Everyone has a bad experience with waiting in a queue for a customer service call. Having a customer service line through text allows your customer to continue about their day and respond on their own time table. You can have keywords set up that may be able to clear up some issues without even getting a customer service representative involved. Having a streamlined customer service experience can help save some goodwill between you and your customer, should an error be made.

2-Way Conversations

Many bulk messaging apps do not allow for 2-way text conversations between a business and its individual client. However, TextP2P does. This feature can be immensley useful when setting up the aforementioned customer service text line.

Having automated responses using keywords that can provide more information to a customer can be helpful, but sometimes a more personal touch is needed. A lot of people would much rather talk to a person than have a 1-way conversation with an automated response. Having a dialogue with an individual customer about your service can help foster a perspective on your company as one that cares about the needs of its clients.

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