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TextP2P is a Powerful and Easy to Use Text Message Service

Use Automated Text Messages, Ringless Voicemail, and Email to effectively communicate with your customers in the way they prefer.

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SMS Marketing and
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We provide 3 ways for you to connect with your customers all in one platform

Send personalized mass text messaging from your own dedicated local number to your entire list, and then answer replies individually.

Send bulk or single voicemail drops directly to your contact's mobile number without ever ringing their phone.

Send email marketing campaigns to your customers along with individual messages and drip campaigns easily.

Reach Your Customers Anywhere!

Cultivate customer relationships using our shared Inbox and by responding to feedback immediately.

Boost Engagement

Send personalized messages and get 98% open rates within 3 minutes.

Save Time

Send messages to multiple recipients and automate your customer communication.

SMS Marketing, Text marketing, texting application, mms text messages

Increase Sales

Send promotional full multi-media messages up to 1600 characters to your customers.


Get the best support in the industry by phone, email, zoom, or automated texting service.

Industry Statistics


Open Rate for Text Messages and Ringless Voicemail Messages


Percentage of people who say they prefer a text message over other forms of communication


Text Messages Read within 3 minutes


Percentage of marketers that say text marketing is “very effective” for them

TextP2P Powerful Application

Powerful & Easy to Use

Send mass text messaging to your contact lists and receive a 98% open rate within 3 minutes! Then connect individually through 2-way messaging with your customers through a shared Inbox.

Additional Features

Contact Management

Store and manage unlimited contacts in our database. Assign contacts to unlimited lists. Use tags and custom fields to further categorize contacts, and create notes and follow-up alerts.

Automated Workflows

Set up automated drip campaigns that can send text messages, emails, and ringless voicemail drops at predefined intervals. Contacts can opt-out of workflows without opting out of all messages.

Text Message Surveys

Send an automated text message surveys to quickly and easily get feedback from your customers. Surveys can be single choice, multiple choice, or qualitative answers.

Appointment Reminders

Send appointment reminders to your customers or setup text reminders for yourself about important meetings. Click the Appointment Reminders header to learn more.

Streamline Your Operations Through Automated Workflows

Save time by automating your follow-ups with our automated workflows. Send customer communications and new lead follow-ups using SMS Marketing, Text, Email, and Ringless Voicemail messages.

Set up your automated drip campaign at whatever intervals you choose. By using multiple forms of communication for follow-ups you will get more engagement and sales from your customers.



TextP2P has revolutionized the way we communicate with our most valued customers and clients. There are so many cool features that make communication easy and effective. We've especially enjoyed the ringless voicemail features. We used to depend mostly on email communication, but now we're able to send text messages or voicemails in an instant, and with a nearly 100% open rate. TextP2P has been a phenomenal tool for our corporation.
Craig Coylar
General Manager, North America Modere
Valerie Pisierra
This software gave me a way to quickly survey the people we help and check in on them. It was easy to use and I received a 37% response rate to my survey questions. TextP2P is amazing, affordable, and impactful software that has helped our nonprofit to cut man hours. Prior to this we would call past clients individually and spent hours on the phone. This has allowed us to get results in the touch of a few buttons. The customer service is off the hook and I am already thinking of new ways I can use the service to help gather data for our nonprofit. Thank you TextP2P!
Valerie Pisierra
Loudoun Cares (Non-Profit)
TextP2P has made such a difference! I was feeling scattered and lost until this came into my life. Now, I feel more in control. TextP2P has made my follow-ups easy by scheduling bulk and individual reminders, making connections and sending notifications. I’ve been able to organize my sales funnel which has helped with making sure that every potential client, business partner or booth renter is communicated with on a regular basis. TextP2P has helped me grow my business, build trust, and solidify client relationships. I love it!​
Kerri Spencer
Profession Network Marketer ・ Salon Owner
We’re so excited! We just finished our annual leadership event, It’s All About You 2018 and it was a complete success! We would not have reached as many people with our message had it not been for TextP2P. Because of TextP2P, because of their personal coaching and because of their message and marketing and their ability to help us share this message, in only 90 days, they helped us have so many people here. I would recommend them to anyone without a doubt. Hands down.
Dr. Sherri Yoder & Crystel Smith
Authors ・Speakers ・Entrepreneurs
TextP2P has provided much better engagement for our team! We've seen an immediate increase in engagement on our team with information we send out through TextP2P. We are confident it will be a game changer for our business moving forward. Truly we have found it to be very user friendly We have had more people take action on the business initiatives we are creating than ever before.
Joy Bowen
Business Owner ・JAB Fitness

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We can easily integrate with thousands of cloud based platforms through Zapier or our powerful API.

integrate sms with mail chimp
Use Mailchimp forms to gather website lead information.
google calendar
Integrate your a online calendar like Google Calendar for your text appointment reminders.

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