How to Use Mobile Marketing Strategies in 2021

The rise of online and mobile shopping In the past year, there has been an estimated 75% increase in online purchases. This shift is partially due to how COVID-19 dramatically altered how we make purchases. Many of us are now making our purchases through the internet, particularly on our smartphones....

Workflow Automations or “Drip Campaigns”

What is a Workflow Automation? Workflow automations are a communication strategy that will send a pre-written set of messages to your customers over time. This tactic is often seen in email marketing, but it is also a very useful feature with SMS text messaging. A workflow automation, also called a...

How to Use Text Messages in Your Sales Funnel

Marketing Through Text Messaging Text messaging is the primary format of digital communication used today. It’s simple and convenient, more accessible than e-mail, and allows for quick and efficient communication. Texting isn’t as invasive as a phone call, and the messages can be engaged with at any time. Receiving a...

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